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Since June 11 2017, Ukrainian tourists with a biometric passport can freely move around the Schengen countries.

The visa is no longer needed for a tourist or guest visit to almost all countries of the European Union and to Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which are not part of the EU.

In general, these are 30 countries, kingdoms and islands of Europe, except Great Britain and Ireland.

How can we travel around Europe with comfort and benefit? First of all, you have to get a biometric passport. It will cost from 557 UAH 32 kopecks, in case of registration up to 20 workdays. But you can make it faster. You can find the procedure details on the website of the SMS of Ukraine.

The frontier guards of the country of entry have the right to check the purpose of your visit and the ability to return. You may need a hotel reservation, an invitation letter, a return ticket, an insurance policy, cash and a bank statement to confirm your intentions.

A sufficient sum of money is approximately 50 euros per day of stay.

Information on the flow of funds and the balance on your banking account you can get free by dint of online banking Raiffeisen Online and the mobile app. There are no restrictions on the frequency of crossing the border, but you can stay abroad without a visa for a total of 90 days for a period of 180 days.

30 Schengen
area countries

90 days
from 180 days

~50 euro
per day

The cost of air tickets for the same destinations can be different. It depends on the airline, the time of booking and additional services. If you do not have clear plans yet, you will find a profitable flight on or The ideal way is to book a ticket with a significant discount in time, or for a symbolic price for 3-4 months before the date of travel.

For trips to neighboring countries, Ukrainian Railways starts more and more trains with the possibility of online ticket booking. To pay for the reservation without queues and commissions, use the internet-banking "Raiffeisen Online" and the mobile app.


Its not safe to keep all your money in a travel suitcase. When you planning a trip abroad, open contactless chip cards Visa Gold and Mastercard Gold on the terms of the "Active" service package for private customers and "The Optymalnyi Plus" for salary customers. Get free service by making only 10 payments per month.

Furthermore, the owners of premium Gold cards will be pleased with the discounts offered when booking hotels, visiting restaurants and shopping, provided through loyalty programs "Visa Privilege" and "Priceless Specials" Mastercard.

We also recommend a more convenient alternative to secret pockets a credit card with the possibility of contactless calculations. Open new countries, carry out your "wish" and do not worry about money with a credit card "Wish-card". Feel free with a credit limit of up to UAH 50,000.

Try to pay by card and do not withdraw cash. In such case, you can pay without fees.

For experienced travelers and for long trips, we recommend issuing World Mastercard credit card. With it, you can withdraw money from ATMs abroad without fees, use the Fast Line service at Boryspil Airport and special offers/discounts from premium Mastercard program partners.

When choosing a card, think about choosing a currency. It is better to open an account in the currency in which the calculations will be conducted. Abroad and for payments, paying for purchases with a card or withdrawing cash from ATMs, choose the national currency of the host country. This will avoid unnecessary conversions and commissions.

Warn the bank about in which country you will be and for how long you will use the payment card to avoid blocking the card on suspicion of fraud. Call our information center 0-800-500-500 or 044-490-88-88 and report on the planned trip and set the desired limits for transactions with the card.


Take out an insurance policy for you and your family, for being protected from unplanned and extra charges.

A travel insurance policy will provide peace of mind and financial security, in whatever country you are located. You can buy the policy online in 5 minutes.

Especially for the Raiffeisen Bank Aval customers, the insurance company UNIQA gives 5% discount.

Enter the code "SAFETRAVEL" in the field "Enter the discount code" when calculating the cost of the insurance policy on



Early reservation of accommodation will help to save your money and cross the border. Look for a hotel on a Pay attention to user reviews and discounts. Pay for the reservation by taking advantage of the benefits and discounts for premium Visa Gold and Mastercard Gold cards.

10% discount
for Raiffeisen Bank Aval customers on Coupon code from January 1, 2018 - AVAL1

Copy the code

If there is a possibility, choose "Pay now"

Insert the coupon code on the page

Discount is used. Enjoy your hotel.

Coupons can not be used during payment at the hotels.


Having planned the budget for the trip, do not store money under the mattress. Make a deposit on demand "Universalny", and your savings can increase by 10% per year. In case of need in the funds, you can instantly and free transfer them to the card using internet-banking "Raiffeisen Online" and mobile app.



You can significantly increase the pleasure of shopping abroad, returning from 7% to 27% of their value due to Tax Free. Tax Free is an international system for the return of funds spent abroad, which provides an opportunity to receive a monetary refund of a portion of the value added tax (VAT), which is included in the cost of goods purchased abroad.

During shopping in some stores that work together with Tax Free, ask the seller to issue a special Tax Free Form. When living the country, its necessary to get stamp of customs or e-mark on your form and present to customs officer purchases and passport. When flying abroad, we recommend reviewing with how to properly issue a check for a refund.

Desks with signs "Tax Refund" or "Tax Free" are located in airports. Then you can go with the form to the return point and get money at the airport. If you do not travel by plane or for some reason do not have time to do this, you can get a refund in one of the Ukrainian banks that work together with the operator tax free.

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