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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval


«Raiffeisen Business Online» –is a system for remote banking servicing of accounts via Internet, which enables Clients to manage current accounts from anywhere in the world.

Login to «Raiffeisen Business Online» System

Advantages of the system:

– Managing all accounts: «Raiffeisen Business Online» system enables Clients to manage all current accounts opened with the Bank (except for card accounts) via the Internet;
– Advanced functionality: «Raiffeisen Business Online» enables Clients to maintain contractors’ references, make payments in domestic and foreign currencies, generate a statement;
– Servicing: the Client can manage accounts from its PC or a laptop without leaving office – it will help to save money and time by not visiting the Bank;
– 24/7 access: «Raiffeisen Business Online» system is available 24/7 for Clients (business hours: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; business hours for crediting the salary – until 7 p.m.);
– Interoperability with accounting applications: enables the Clients to export statements from «Raiffeisen Business Online» system and import payments from accounting application to «Raiffeisen Business Online» system;
– Control over financial flows: the possibility to control financial flows of its branches, subsidiaries using «Raiffeisen Business Online» system;
– Absolute security: the System contains electronic digital signature mechanism for financial documents in order to protect information;
– Control over the flow of funds using SMS service (e-mail notification): additional security of your settlements; SMS-authorization is designed to improve safety while working with «Raiffeisen Business Online» system;
– Cost efficient: savings of financial expenses on posting of payment orders.

Connection to the system

In order to connect to «Raiffeisen Business Online» system, one should take the following steps:

- Open a current account with the Bank:

- Individually register in the system and generate a key of electronic digital signature (EDS

- Deliver printed certificates of open EDS keys to the branches, where current accounts are opened.

Minimum requirements to the workstation DOC, 60.5 KB

User’s guidelines

For ease of use, please get acquainted with the main functions of «Raiffeisen Business Online» system;:

- Manual for «Raiffeisen Business Online» system DOC, 477.0 KB

- Guidelines for creating new EDS keys; DOC, 324.0 KB

- Guidelines for remote replacement of EDS keys; DOC, 208.0 KB

- Guidelines for working with a salary project; DOC, 225.0 KB

- Guidelines for working with FX documents; DOC, 511.5 KB

- Guidelines for configuring SMS or E-mail notification; DOC, 378.5 KB

Extra services

Raiffeisen Bank Aval is a high-tech Bank, which appreciates its Clients’ time.  Therefore, the Bank offers a range of services for managing current accounts using additional services.

• Automated client

This service is aimed at providing electronic banking services to corporate clients with a significant volume of document flow. The service enables to completely automate the transfer of the data on the cash flow on the corporate client’s account from «Raiffeisen Business Online» system into its accounting application.

• Financial control centre

It is designed to support complex systems for servicing corporate Clients with a wide network of structural units, subsidiaries etc. It supports centralized access to the administration of accounts of several enterprises, financial monitoring and assignment of roles when approving documents.

Connecting to «Financial control centre»

If you have any additional questions regarding the functioning of «Raiffeisen Business Online» system, please contact the Service Desk via:

- Phone: 0-800-505-770, 495-41-40 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. till 7 p.m.);

- Email

For smartphone

Core Perfomances of the Bank*

as at 30 June 2018
billion UAH
Paid-in capital6,15
Equity capital9,29

* in compliance with IFRS(unaudited)

Exchange rates

Raiffeisen Bank Aval*NBU*

* udate on 05.08.2020 16:08

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

10  Ðóá.3.769500

* udate on 05.08.2020 08:59

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

Exchange rates in Raiffeisen Online*

* udate on  05.08.2020 16:09

$/ˆ 0.8502
ˆ/$ 1.1761

NBU's crocc rate

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