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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval


Under a finance leasing (lease) contract, the leasing company undertakes to buy the property specified in the contract and hand it over to the client against a fee for the temporary use for business purposes. The property provided on a leasing basis remains in the ownership of the leasing company during the entire contract validity period; however, the contract may provide for the buy-out of the leased property after the end of the said period.


Raiffeisen Leasing Aval Ltd. ( is a full-service leasing company providing a full range of vehicles, machinery and equipment leasing services to clients operating in various fields of business. The company is also offering its own second-hand equipment for sale or the finance leasing.

Advantages of Co-operation with Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

A lenient approach towards the assessment of the client's solvency.

Prompt decision making.

Flexible choice of a payment schedule as preferred by the client.

A tailor-made approach to each client.

Reliable suppliers and their support.

Access to international capital and competitive rates.

Application of principles of international best practices in leasing.

High-quality service and customer care

Emphasis on long-term co-operation with clients.

High professional level.

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Core Perfomances ofthe Bank*

as at 30 June 2018
billion UAH
Paid-in capital6,15
Equity capital9,29

* in compliance with IFRS(unaudited)

Exchange rates

Raiffeisen Bank Aval*NBU*

* udate on05.08.2020 16:08

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

1 $27.822500
1 32.723400
10 .3.769500

* udate on05.08.2020 08:59

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

Exchange rates in Raiffeisen Online*

* udate on 05.08.2020 16:09

$/ 0.8502
/$ 1.1761

NBU's crocc rate

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