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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

Documentary letters of credit

A documentary letter of credit is an undertaking of the bank, which has opened a letter of credit on request of a buyer (applicant) to pay an amount to the seller (beneficiary) as specified in the letter of credit upon the provision of documents by the seller (beneficiary) that meet the conditions of the letter of credit and confirm the shipment of commodities (the provision of services) within the prescribed time frame.

Letters of credit are used:

  • if you are not certain about the solvency of your counterparty;
  • if the counterparty is not certain about the proper performance of obligations by you (in terms of the quantity and quality of commodities or services);
  • if you need a payment respite or trade credit;
  • if you need a downpayment (advance payment) for the valuables to be supplied;
  • if the counterparty insists on a settlement through letters of credit.


for the seller:

  • elimination of the credit risk, the receipt of an undertaking from a bank (banks) to pay for commodities supplied or services provided , if the seller lacks adequate information about the financial standing of the buyer or the credit relationship;
  • elimination of the risk of receipt of a counterfeit undertaking or an undertaking issued by a non-existing bank;
  • elimination of the risk of non-payment / late payment / partial payment for goods supplied / services provided;
  • maximum reduction in the time interval between the shipment of the commodity (the provision of services) and the receipt of proceeds;
  • elimination of the risk of order abandonment (change in conditions) by the buyer without the consent (permission) of the seller;
  • possibility to get short-term funding;
  • possibility to increase supply volumes, to promote commodities (services) in new markets, to gain competitive advantages.

for the buyer:

  • a letter of credit can be opened at the buyers own expense or using a bank loan by pledging other collateral to secure performance of its obligations (a lien on assets or a deposit, etc.);
  • the buyer may withhold payment pending documentary confirmation that the goods meet the quality requirements and have been delivered in full to their specified destination (the payment is made after the goods are have been delivered and documents provided);
  • the buyer specifies a list of documents against which payment will be made;
  • the buyer limits the time frames for the provision of documents and goods delivery.

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Trade Finance Department of JSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval:

Kateryna Shulga

Yaroslav Bodenchuk


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