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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

Money transfer system Western Union

Raiffeisen Bank Aval bank as direct agent of Western Union Financial Services Inc. offers Ukrainian banks cooperation in the field of urgent money transfers under the international system Western Union.

Our subagents:

obtain a bonus in the size of the corresponding interest of the commissions, paid by the sender, for each remitted and received money transfer;

always obtain an advisory support from Raiffeisen Bank Aval bank on technical and other problems concerning client servicing or those ones which have a disputable character;

do not send to Raiffeisen Bank Aval bank reports about transfers they carried out.

From its part Raiffeisen Bank Aval:

grants its subagents free software and installs it in every department of subagent;

carries out free of charge training of subagent personnel which will provide direct client servicing under Western Union system (including regions);

provides its subagents with free of charge forms for sending and payment of transfers as well as regulatory, reference and methodical materials;

grants aid when registrating agencies of Western Union in subagent departments.

We have technical means for settlement of accounts with our subagents on the day of receiving money from Western Union company. They also allow us to send you detailed files for every money transfer daily.

Today Raiffeisen Bank Aval bank is the leader on the Ukrainian market of money transfer under the system Western Union and it is the first-rate agent of the company in Ukraine. Our network includes more than 3500of Western Union agencies, through which natural persons can send and/or obtain money both in Ukraine and all over the world.


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Core Perfomances ofthe Bank*

as at 30 June 2018
billion UAH
Paid-in capital6,15
Equity capital9,29

* in compliance with IFRS(unaudited)

Exchange rates

Raiffeisen Bank Aval*NBU*

* udate on05.08.2020 16:08

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

1 $27.822500
1 32.723400
10 .3.769500

* udate on05.08.2020 08:59

** including usage for foreign currency loans repayment in the self-service centers

Exchange rates in Raiffeisen Online*

* udate on 05.08.2020 16:09

$/ 0.8502
/$ 1.1761

NBU's crocc rate

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