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Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

Social responsibility

Contribution to sustainable development


Raiffeisen Bank Aval strictly abides by the principles of corporate social responsibility. These principles include orientation toward cooperation with local communities in the regions of presence, attention to environmental protection, healthcare and occupational safety of personnel, and observance of human rights. Sustainable development also envisages transparency of business, adherence to fair competition and corporate ethics, high quality of products and services, responsible infrastructure and logistics management, etc.


During the last three years, Raiffeisen Bank Aval has been preparing annual reports on sustainable development as part of the general report issued by the parent company, Raiffeisen Bank International AG according to requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative and covering RBI banking network in Central and Eastern Europe.


In 2016, Raiffeisen Bank Aval has showed (as usual) responsibility and transparency of its business, and implemented numerous charitable and sponsorship projects, a program of improving financial literacy of the youth, and several corporate volunteering initiatives.


Transparency of business


In its business, the bank always abides by Ukrainian law, completely fulfilling its obligations to shareholders, customers, partners and personnel and ensuring transparent and public financial activity and reporting, timely payment of all taxes and official salaries to its employees.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s business relationships and business ethics are regulated by the Code of Employee Behavior and by Raiffeisen Zentralbank AG Group Instructions on Ethical Marketing.


The bank’s internal regulatory documents provide for all possible measures of combating corruption and preventing abuse in the financial sector. The compliance department conformant with European business standards is responsible for implementing and controlling these measures.


To improve effectiveness of management and control systems, Raiffeisen Bank Aval has the internal audit service.


The bank also has a tender-based transparent procurement system.


Our bank offers quality products and services, continuously studying customer requests, analyzing reservations and promptly responding to complaints. The bank’s quality service includes provision of the most advanced services based on cutting-edge technologies, transparency of service terms, availability of loyalty programs, wide range and continuous improvement of products and services.


A socially responsible employer


Raiffeisen Bank Aval creates comfortable working conditions for personnel, compliant with occupational safety and health requirements.


The bank has a graded remuneration system that ensures transparency of career prospects for every employee.


Social security of personnel is guaranteed by the collective bargaining agreement. Compliance with the collective bargaining agreement is controlled by the bank’s Management Board and the Central Council of Labor Union. The bank has a voluntary health insurance system and an accident insurance system.


The bank systemically invests in personnel training and development, and actively uses own personnel reserve to fill in managerial positions. For that purpose, the bank has the Leadership Program geared toward potential managers. This program enables the attendees to receive new knowledge and experience, work with each other and with the top management, share experience and implement team social projects.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval regularly surveys its employees regarding their satisfaction with work and quality of internal service, and studies the level of personnel’s engagement, loyalty and efficiency and the adaptation of recently hired employees at the company. Employees also have an opportunity to attend various training courses organized by the bank’s Financial Academy (FARBA) and aimed at improving professional level, managerial knowledge and skills, teamwork, etc.


According to Article 2-1 of the Code of Labor Laws of Ukraine, the bank operates by the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all employees, has no discrimination based on racial, political, religious, gender or other considerations; and has no room for limitation of rights based on age, state of health, place of residence, membership in a trade union, etc.





In 2016, as in previous years, Raiffeisen Bank Aval supported a number of important cultural, artistic, educational and sporting projects and business events.


Among Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s sponsorship projects in business sphere were a series of trainings for Ukrainian agricultural producers supported as part of the Space for Financial Opportunities forums organized in cooperation with Syngenta Ukraine, and the partnership with Bayer and the International Financial Corporation as part of Bayer Agro Finances, an educational project of promoting development of small and corporate businesses.


Taking care of promoting development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine, Raiffeisen Bank Aval sponsored the 2016 CIS SME Banking Conference, the V annual international banking conference held on 21-23 September and devoted to development and financial support of SME in CIS states.


The bank also actively supports important artistic projects in Ukraine. For 17 years, the bank has been the title sponsor of Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater.


As a subsidiary of an Austrian company, Raiffeisen Bank Aval has sponsored, for the fifth time, the Austrian Film Week in Ukraine held on 14-20 April 2016 in Kyiv, Dnipro, Chernivtsi, Odesa and Kharkiv.


Our bank provided support to Ukrainian cinematograph as well, becoming a sponsor, for the fourth time, of Open Night festival of young Ukrainian cinema, held in Kyiv on 25-26 June 2016.


Among our important regional sponsorship projects was the support, as an official partner, of the VIII NonStopMedia art festival of youth projects in Kharkiv, attended by over 10 thousand visitors. The festival’s program included numerous shows, master classes, exhibitions and concerts.


In the reporting year, Raiffeisen Bank Aval also provided support to several interesting sporting projects aimed at popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle among Ukrainians.


For instance, the bank sponsored Alpine skiing competitions organized by the Ukrainian Alpine Skiing Club for veterans of this sport, children and other skiing enthusiasts.


The bank also sponsored the Kyiv Hundred cycling marathon held in Ukraine’s capital on 4 September 2016. 837 cyclists participated in this amateur tournament.


In the reporting year, the bank provided support to many other sponsorship projects promoting development of culture, arts, literature, education and sports.




Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s corporate charitable and patronage activity in 2016 has received a special recognition: the Social Responsibility Mark (SRM), a unique project initiated by a group of businessmen and entrepreneurs from all regions of Ukraine and various industries, who follow European development vector.


In the reporting year, the bank provided support to numerous charitable projects and initiated a number of charitable events. For instance, Raiffeisen Bank Aval provided substantial charitable assistance to Sobornist All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation as part of the international volunteer initiative, Patriot Revival, to purchase a Sonoca 400 ultrasound dissector. This device is used in ultrasound surgery worldwide, and would allow for more effective medical help to wounded soldiers.


The bank provided financing to Pediatricians against Cancer International Charitable Foundation to provide medical care to seriously ill children, and to Crab Charitable Foundation to purchase special high-value equipment for the department of chemotherapy of children’s oncohematology at Okhmadyt Children’s Hospital.


In 2016, the bank provided financial support of Caritas Kramatorsk Charitable Foundation to implement a project envisaging restoration of social infrastructure in the Donetsk Oblast.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval also supported a number of charitable projects for children with Down syndrome, initiated by Down Syndrome All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization and including bowling, futsal and paintball competitions featuring these children, their parents and teams from our bank.


Peace and Order Charitable Foundation received substantial charitable assistance from the bank in organization of The Road to the East musical and literary festival in three cities of the Luhansk oblast: Novopskov, Svatov and Starobilsk. The event, initiated and inspired by the Ukrainian writer Serhii Zhadan, featured almost 30 musicians and writers from Kharkiv and Kyiv. The festival’s program included literary readings at local libraries and educational institutions, concerts at military units, assistance to local hospitals and donation of books to libraries. By the way, the bank also provided financial support to publication of Serhii Zhadan’s book The Life of Maria.


For eight years, the bank has been providing charitable assistance to pupils of Babanka specialized boarding school for orphans and children from troubled families in the Uman raion of the Cherkasy oblast. In 2016, the school hosted three charitable events with participation of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Head Office representatives and development master classes for the school’s pupils, held by our bank’s volunteers. In addition, the bank bought and donated many useful items and gifts for the children.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval also participated in a creative partnership project by Red Noses Clowndoctors International, aimed at providing support to socially vulnerable children and youths in Ukraine. The project was run on 1-16 September 2016, and included entertainment and communication events held at a number of institutions for orphans and children with limited capabilities in various cities and villages of Western Ukraine to help develop creative abilities in children and provide psychological support to them.


In turn, Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s Kharkiv Regional Directorate supported a charitable tour of children’s institutions for orphans in the Kharkiv oblast, organized by H. Stepic CEE Charity. In particular, charitable events were held at Bohodukhiv Boarding School for physically handicapped children, Vidradne Children’s Center in Kharkiv and children’s home in Vysokyi village in the Kharkiv oblast.


In the reporting year, the bank allocated charitable financial assistance to the award ceremony of the 2016 Coronation of the Word international literary contest via Artistic Treasury Charitable Foundation.


Traditionally promoting development of education in Ukraine, the bank provided charitable assistance to the Ukrainian Catholic University (in the form of scholarship paid to one of the best students) and Kyiv School of Economics (in support of research and pedagogical activity of one of the school’s lecturers).


Kherson City Football Federation received assistance from Raiffeisen Bank Aval for organization of sporting and cultural events devoted to the City Day.


In addition, the bank’s charitable assistance for implementation of various socially important projects went to a number of other charitable foundations, including Gurtom Foundation, Union Chornobyl Ukraine, Our World, Svitanok IF, Saint Maria’s International Charitable Fund, Union of Territorial Communities, Bila Tserkva City Organization of the Red Cross Society Ukraine, Center for Development of Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.


As in previous years, Raiffeisen Bank Aval provided material assistance in the form of used motor vehicles, computer and office equipment. Among the beneficiaries of this assistance were Caritas Spes Berdiansk, Crab Foundation for Assistance to Children with Cancer, Slavic Foundation Ukraine, Hope and Believe Charitable Foundation, Volodarka Boarding Secondary School, Education Department of Volodarka State Administration (Kyiv oblast), Tyvriv Central District Hospital (Vinnytsia oblast), Fastiv Central District Hospital and Fastiv Center for Primary Medical and Sanitary Care (Kyiv oblast), Semenivka District State Hospital of Veterinary Medicine (Chernihiv oblast), Varva Central District Hospital (Chernihiv oblast), Horodnia Special Boarding School of Secondary Education (Chernihiv oblast), Goodness and Hope Charitable Foundation, Zaporizhia City Congress of the Disabled, and Ukrainian Alpine Skiing Club.


Traditionally, Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s regional directorates have also been actively supporting children’s homes, children’s medical institutions and homes for the disabled in the regions of their presence.


Corporate volunteering


The Raiffeisen Bank Aval team are notable for their high volunteering activity aimed, first of all, at helping ill children and orphans.


For instance, employees of Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s Head Office participated en masse in the Drop of Hope donorship event aimed at helping seriously ill people. The event was held, in cooperation with Kyiv City Center of Blood, on 19, 22 and 23 February on the premise of the bank’s Kyiv offices. The 110 volunteers who participated in Drop of Hope donated 47 liters of blood, which was used to help seriously ill people, first of all, children.


In March 2016, the bank launched an indefinite event in support of children with cancer, Help Those In Need, in cooperation with Zaporuka All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation. As part of this event, the bank’s employees remit monthly charitable contributions to a special account at Zaporuka. These funds are then used to buy medications for children with cancer, hailing from low-income families and undergoing treatment at specialized medical institutions across Ukraine. As at the beginning of December 2016, the bank’s employees have already remitted almost UAH 100 thousand for that purpose. The event continues.


Also, employees of Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s Head Office participated in Lots of Socks flash mob traditionally held on 21 March by Down Syndrome All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization as part of the World Down Syndrome Day. In addition, corporate teams of the bank’s volunteers gladly took part in several charitable sporting tournaments for “sunny” children, founded by this organization.


And, like in all previous years, volunteers from the bank’s Head Office and regional directorates actively visited children’s homes and boarding schools, conducting interesting master classes, sporting competitions and entertainment events for children.


Financial literacy


For two years, Raiffeisen Bank Aval has been running a financial literacy project for Ukrainian children and youths. The bank’s specialists regularly conduct free training seminars, Smart Funds for Young Adults, for this audience. The purpose of this project is to improve awareness of schoolchildren and university students of financial products and services. In 2016, the bank organized ten trainings of this kind, attended by almost 200 persons.


Environmental responsibility


Raiffeisen Bank Aval cultivates environmentally conscious behavior among employees and customers: rational use of natural resources and electricity, responsible attitude toward waste utilization, etc. For instance, the bank uses energy-efficient light bulbs and two-sided printing; saves water and electricity; tries to reduce the number of trips on air-polluting cars and use environmentally safe modes of transport. To help save natural resources, customers are offered not to print out receipts when using ATMs. The bank has also launched an initiative to collect spent galvanic cells for subsequent utilization.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval operates as a responsible business making substantial investments in Ukraine’s economic and social growth and improving people’s lives in the regions of its presence. The bank’s slogan “Changing the Country Together. A European Bank Nearby” clearly reflects the social vector of its activity.


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